Try Something New That is Really Old! Tai Chi is an ancient, gentle art that is known for its slow, meditative movements and overall health benefits. Tai Chi postures align the body for maximum efficiency; using the breath with relaxed yet focused attention and physical movements to break the stress cycle and calm the central nervous system. With more than 30 years of experience in the martial and movement arts, certified instructor (Sifu) Faye Baker guides her students with functional, easy exercises to heal and regenerate the body while adding comfort, ease and mental clarity into their daily lives.
Faye adds, “Think of an exercise you can do in your own space and time — no equipment or special attire. Imagine an exercise of peaceful serenity, as if moving slowly and softly through water. Practice Tai Chi for a true sense of balance and well-being.”
The exercises are easily integrated into daily life; done in small spaces, standing, seated or lying down. Once the exercise routine becomes regular and synchronized, you can move through your life with more ease and fluidity.
The gentle exercises move the body’s bioelectrical energy or Chi (life energy or breath) along the energy pathways or meridians; the same as used in acupressure or acupuncture. The meridians relax, the body is aligned, blood is oxygenated, and the immune system is stimulated.
The movements have descriptive names to assist in remembering the sequences. They include Stork Spreads Its Wings, Part Wild Horse’s Mane, Grasp Bird’s Tail, Golden Ball, and Lifting the Moon.Breathing, relaxation, body structure and alignment are integral to these movements.
Some of the benefits realized through the practice are improved relaxation, flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, circulation, range of motion and breathing capacity. Practicing Tai Chi can ease the symptoms related to arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, back pain, heart conditions and lack of balance.
Through ongoing classes, Faye teaches Tai
Chi, Body in Balance Qigong, Body in Balance and Tai Chi for Active Aging in addition to customized Workplace Wellness Programs (Comfort @ Your Computer and Stress Relief Strategies), and private sessions, workshops, business conferences, retreats currently classes at Paso Robles Kennedy Club Fitness and through the Paso Robles Recreation Department. She recently worked with the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department on a fall prevention program. Visit or contact Faye at or 805-238-9770 for more information.