After the heat, here comes the rodeo!

We managed to get through the heat of summer adjusting our schedules and look forward to relishing the afternoon breezes that can come with the start of fall. It’s time to prepare for:
Let’s Rodeo
Grab your hat, boots and prepare to cheer on your favorites (bovine or human). It’s time for Creston’s 22nd Annual Classic Rodeo scheduled for September 14-17. The annual celebration is an excellent example of a township helping itself through working together as a community. $5K added money, silver buckles, team roping and barrel racing with all around saddles presented.
Friday night sees the jackpot team roping. Sunday sees ‘“come just as you are” cowboy church at 8 a.m. Meet up with friends for the short service and then watch the competition. Take a hat and perhaps some sun screen, especially for the kids. There are usually so many entries that extra sheep have to be brought in. Some of the young folks are tenacious and get the worst of the deal.
Keep an eye on them as the portable panels are just that: portable. The action can be fast and furious, so don’t let your children climb on the panels as the rough stock pass by sometimes with a kick for good measure. $5 admission at the gate. Military in uniform and kids 12 and under are admitted free. Take your camera or cell with photo capabilities.
If you have been seeking something new for the fall, Sept. 16 is Demo Day, The Koelle Institute for Equus Certified Coaching is presenting a one and a half hour mini clinic starting at 9 a.m. to give you can idea of their techniques. No riding or equine experience is required. Kasia Roether and Jutta Thoerner are both certified.
Jutta has lived here on and off for several decades, running a farming operation. Many of you will remember her from the Tellington-Jones operation years ago. “Finding Calm in the Midst of Chaos” is the title of the introductory class. The fee is $25.
That same day at 11 a.m. will see a chance to paint a horse while learning. $150 provides supervision and the paints plus lunch at Heritage Ranch. Horses are provided. No riding or prior equine experience is necessary. Check
High School Rodeo
A monthly column makes it hard to keep up with the ever-compounding results, but I particularly enjoy giving a pat on the back to all of the our youth who have competed in Jr. and High School Rodeo events and their families who do so much to support the sport and its demands. Please forgive me if I have missed listing one of the competitors who qualified this year.
We hear about the negative things from our young people, but let us emphasize the positive. We have found that most of our young people – especially those involved with animals are responsible and trustworthy. We would really appreciate a contact person (parent or student) to report on events and placings for this fall.
The kids participating must provide all of their equipment, travel and horses unlike the youth of football, baseball, etc. They must keep up their grades and get in practice time as well as time for a job to earn their way. Kudos to Rhett Varian, Kathryn Varian, Blaize Twisselman, Clay Simons, Garrett Oliveira, Ryan Jennings, Jared Javadi, and Riley Gajdos were this year’s qualifiers for the active team for the northern portion of District 7.
Carole Hansen of Morning Star Youth Ranch called to report that MSYR has a beautiful new home. The parcel is located east of Paso on Geneseo Road. They are preparing for children and families to once again venture out to enjoy spending time with horses as part of their healing.
Many of the original staff continue with the program helping children and youth at a time when that is critical. For more information, check out, Take a look at Facebook or call 226-2859 to take a tour. Hear the amazing story of how God has made it all possible.