A.M. Sun Solar, located at 410 Sherwood Drive in Paso Robles, is among the top three fastest-growing businesses in San Luis Obispo County. The company provides renewable energy design and installation for homes and businesses.
“People always ask when the best time is to go solar,” said Director of Marketing Brian Potter. “The answer is 10 years ago, but the next best time is today because PG&E hasn’t lowered their rates on electricity.
In fact, in May 2018, the California Energy Commission mandated, with few exceptions, that new all new homes built, starting in 2020, must be solar-outfitted.”
“Virtually all of our customers are residential, but we’re experiencing growth in commercial applications,” Brian said. “At Kennedy Club Fitness in Paso Robles, we installed 953 solar panels.”
Their investment is offsetting nearly 100 percent of their usage — that’s a 338.3-kilowatt project that produces nearly 520,000 kWh a year to power their pool, A/C, and appliances.
The commercial trend is growing. Just across the street, Woodland Chevron on Niblick Road is also installing solar panels to power its gas station, mini-market and car wash.
Brian emphasized that anyone can take part in a cleaner, more sustainable community. Renters can refer their landlords and property managers to find out if going solar will work for them. A.M. Sun Solar even offers $500 to those who refer future clients.
Another way to benefit is through a Kennedy Club Fitness membership.
“We’re ‘growing communities with the power of the sun,’” Brian said. “That’s our mission. For Kennedy Club members, A.M. Sun Solar will pay 12 months of club membership fees for their clients who purchase a clean, renewable solar energy system. These are just some of the incentives we provide toward preserving the beauty of our Central Coast.”
“All solar companies essentially do the same thing,” Brian said. “Our difference is that we have a 20 percent longer workmanship warranty, more dedicated service, and we’re highest rated for customer service.
“We plan to be on the Central Coast for a long time and you’re not going to find better customer service throughout the Central Coast. Our dedicated staff helps our clients understand the solar process — and we stay in touch with them from start to finish and beyond,” Brian emphasized. “For those considering switching to solar, let’s talk and see if it’s a good fit; it doesn’t cost anything to get a quote. We love educating people and helping customers to get the right system. If solar isn’t the right option for their situation, we aren’t going to sell it to them!”
Call 805-772-6786 or visit amsunsolar.com for more information.