PASO ROBLES — A.M. Sun Solar donates over $10,000 per year to local organizations as part of its commitment to giving back to the community. In September, its donations were geared toward helping local families in need through Jack’s Helping Hand and funding the Sherwood Dog Park in Paso Robles.

A.M. Sun Solar donated $7,500 to Jack’s Helping Hand and $2,000 to the Sherwood Dog Park in Paso Robles. A.M. Sun Solar sets an annual goal to donate a percentage of sales throughout the year to give back to families and businesses within the community. Also, the A.M. Sun Solar participates in the “High Five Club,” which takes $5 out of every participating employee’s paycheck and donates it to Jack’s Helping Hand.

A.M. Sun Solar’s company mission is to grow communities with the power of the sun; this mission is fulfilled through its support of Jack’s Helping Hand as well as its continuous contributions to the Sherwood Dog Park and other local organizations.

Jack’s Helping Hand was founded by Paul and Bridget Ready in memory of their son Jack, whose three-year struggle with a rare form of brain cancer ended in 2004. The organization helps more than 250 individuals each month in San Luis Obispo County by providing support through community programs that meet the unique challenges of children with cancer or special needs under the age of 21 and live in SLO County.


The connection between A.M. Sun Solar and Jack’s Helping Hand is a personal one. Jack’s Helping Hand provides support to one of A.M. Sun Solar’s employees, Adam Scorby, and his son, Calin.

Sherwood Dog Park is maintained entirely by volunteers and funded through donations. Located in a historic site in Paso Robles, the Park upholds the legacy of the city’s first airport. For more information, visit