2018 Pioneer Day Belle and Belle Attendants.

In the presence of family, friends and supporters of the Pioneer Day tradition, Bob Tullock and Jo Ann Switzer were honored as the Pioneer Day Marshall and Queen at the Royalty Dinner on August 19 at the Paso Robles Golf Club. The Belle is Jewell Anthony representing Lockwood. The Belle Attendants are Hailey Borden and Katie Moffatt representing Indian Valley and the Adelaide, respectively. Our 2018 Queen Jo Ann was a Belle Attendant to Belle Patricia Cooper Twisselman in 1950.
It will be a memorable Pioneer Day celebration for Bob and Jo Ann. They’ve been friends since they were kids in the 40s. They share a love for ranching, animals and the history of the North County. In 1948, 1949 and 1950, they showed their animals at the Mid-State Fair. Jo Ann showed lambs and breeder sheep. Bob showed bulls and hogs.
June Bertoni, the 2016 Queen, called Jo Ann with the exciting news. “I was blown away when I got the call!” says Jo Ann. “We’ve been friends forever, since high school and through 4-H.” The committee who names the Marshal ‘pulled a fast one’ on Bob as he presided over meeting intended to name the Marshal.
Bob says, “It was a total set up!”
The 88th Annual Pioneer Day is Saturday, Oct. 13. The Pre-Pioneer Day Shindig including dinner and dancing is Saturday, Sept. 22 at the Paso Robles Event Center. Details at