The One Hundred Year Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote

As women business owners, it’s hard to fathom that only one hundred years ago, we would not have had the right to vote. We had rotary dial phones and pop up toasters before US women had the opportunity to participate in choosing our elected officials.

Sitting down to write this in the business we’ve run for nearly seven years, with the joys and responsibilities that come with that, it feels important to appreciate how far we’ve come. To that end, we will use our column this year as an opportunity to highlight women we work with who support our business, either by making superb products, providing services, or just by being a solid sounding board and advisor.  

Looking at new trends for the year, we’ve found a treasure trove of books and other goods that both educate and celebrate the one hundred year anniversary of the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment. Perhaps no one has done a more beautiful job than Eeboo, a “Woman Owned and Mother Run” company in New York. Started in the basement of the founder’s home, and built while she raised her three children, Eeboo has spent twenty years creating wholesome, engaging toys and games. (Which reminds us of our own kids growing up behind the counter here at General Store. There used to be a whole lot of sea salt caramel wrappers that would mysteriously show up on the floor in the hallway. Hmmm.)

We are huge fans of Eeboo puzzles, which we carry for both children and adults,and we especially appreciate that they commission artwork from the finest and best loved children’s illustrators. The 500 piece Eeboo Votes for Women puzzle comes with a pull out poster that explains the importance of each person featured, (many of whom were completely new to us!) and like many of Eeboo’s puzzles, it encourages discussion and non-digital togetherness. We’re excited to bring in more new puzzle designs for 2020, including “Jane Austen’s Book Club” (with Virginia Woolf, Zora Neale Hurston, and more), Kitchen Chickens (just what you’d think) and UFO Victorian Ladies (not what you’d think.) 


Can we also just take a moment to say thank you for reading? We’re always touched when people mention our column to us in the store.  We appreciate you!

The Team at General Store Paso Robles