The Central Coast Medical Association stands firmly in support of our public health servants and their recommendations throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Based solely on science, these policies are in place to protect the health and safety of our communities as we hasten a return to “normal life.” As health professionals, they are driven by the science of protecting human life through good, sound public health measures. It is that simple.

Specifically, we would like to call out our local public health heroes, Dr. Penny Borenstein (San Luis Obispo County) and Dr. Henning Ansorg (Santa Barbara County) for their tireless leadership during this time. Over the past several weeks, we have all witnessed the critical role that our public health officials play in our daily life. They are doctors, nurses, scientists, and other health professionals who often labor quietly in the background monitoring, directing, and advising us when times are good. And during these rare times that we find ourselves in, we have discovered how invaluable they are. As we enter into this next phase of returning to normal life in a SAFE way, let us remember that patience and care are virtues we all must emulate. The doctors of the CCMA know all community members of the Central Coast wish to see a healthy recovery. We know that there will be many opinions about how and when we reopen, but we ask for a unified respect for our Public Health team. They are literally on the front lines of this horrific pandemic on a daily basis, putting their own health and welfare in jeopardy to ensure the well-being and safety of our community members.

The impact of the past two months cannot be overstated. We understand that many in our communities are in panic mode—not knowing when the pandemic will be over. However, as doctors, we understand that we will all win this battle together, unified by our mutual desire to emerge healthy and protecting our most vulnerable. A healthy discourse is always warranted. However, it is time to put aside the polarizing diatribes that we have seen emerging and to focus on developing sound, science-driven public policy. We adamantly support our leaders as they make the difficult decisions.

We must strive to bring together our communities and support those working hardest to protect us. We believe the public health policies recommended by our leaders are our best options for halting the spread of COVID-19 along the Central Coast. We encourage everyone to stay vigilant in the fight against this pandemic. Together we are stronger. Together we will survive. And together we will thrive.


Very respectfully,

Casey Kevin 1

Kevin Casey, MD
Vascular Surgery, Santa Barbara
President, Central Coast Medical Association

Thomas Hale

Thomas Hale, MD
Emergency Medicine, San Luis Obispo & Templeton
Director, Central Coast Medical Association