Greetings from your local newspaper! Again, I want to express our great pleasure in the opportunity to bring you Good News, Real News, Your Hometown News. We have a very unique opportunity in our modern world to deliver the best of our community, keep our community informed on matters that matter, and help connect each other.

It would be a mistake to omit the significance of our age — in regards to our time and age in history, as well as the age of our staff. We live in a new age and time in which the internet has given a new face and shape to business, politics, media, and the way people shop. That is our time and age we are forced to deal with, and it has only begun its evolution from infancy. Our staff’s age is from late 20’s to early 50’s, and we’ve all grown up through the infancy of our time and age. We know what life, media, news, and communication was without the internet, and we all have adapted and integrated the tools available to improve our efficiencies.

We know that the internet isn’t going anywhere, but we know that home and community delivery of Good News, Real News, Your Hometown News isn’t going anywhere either.

Our company motto is “Making Communities Better Through Print” and we are proud to be members of the Fourth Estate. Our industry is constitutionally protected for a reason, and we intend on living up to that billing.


In delivering “Good News,” we bring the best of our community to the front page. We have a true treasure in the fabric our communities, represented by the efforts given by Pioneer Day Committee and Atascadero Colony Days Committee in putting together local parades filled with members of our community sharing mutual honor and respect for what we do together.

In delivering “Real News,” we face matters that matter to our community. From politics, city development, legislation, crime, emergency response reporting, traffic, controversies, and important meeting notices, we bring the community together by delivering honest and reliable reporting of real news.

All together, we delivery “Your Hometown News” with our regular Business, Education, Sports, Entertainment, Week in Photos, and Opinion pages that bring the community together in our weekly pages. We also include monthly sections with important topics like Senior Living, Focus on Ag, and others. We also publish the Paso Robles Magazine, Colony Magazine, Morro Bay Life, Avila Beach Life, Central Coast TRVLR+VINO, and Equine Enthusiast.

Our new team is coming together to set a new bar for our community. We are committed to bringing back the institution of local press to our cities with respective newspapers and as we grow, we will bring more Paso Robles to The Paso Robles Press and more Atascadero to The Atascadero News.

As a native to SLO County, growing up in Atascadero, graduating Templeton High School, and living in Paso Robles for a time, I know … we love our towns. As a local newspaper, I know there is support for more focus on highly localized stories, issues, and topics as they relate to people on our own streets, schools, businesses, and events.

We work in a tough industry, and rely on community consciousness in where local dollars are spent. We will continue to improve our content, distribution, and overall quality to meet the high standards that accompany life on the Central Coast. Please meet us squarely in our efforts by promoting our newspapers and family of publications as the best place to advertise business, events, and promotions.

Together, we will continue the great work that was started more than 100 years ago when our communities formed and our newspapers began. We want to be the voice of our community, and provide that voice with clarity.

We are some of the best communities anywhere in the world, and our papers are the weekly presentation of our community to ourselves and the community. Thank you for your support.