By Michael Kimelman
Guest Columnist

The level of deception around the entire pandemic has been eye-opening, even for the most hardcore of ostriches and zombies.

The latest scheme is a reminder of the old adage popularized by that great American philosopher Mark Twain, “There’s lies, damn lies, and statistics.” 

Just as the Fed and BLS have created a world where inflation doesn’t exist on paper (as long as you don’t go to a grocery store….or anywhere else), so have the powers that be now at CDC (or their authoritarian puppet masters) changed the way a positive COVID test is measured to throttle the number of ‘breakthrough infections’ – i.e., positive cases from individuals POST-vaccination. 

The CDC very quietly just changed the CT threshold for determining a post-vax “breakthrough “infection should now be set at <28, which is a far less sensitive standard than they set the threshold for counting a case prior to vaccines in America, which was at <36-40 (a ridiculously oversensitive and inaccurate standard which led to millions of false positives).

The resulting ‘data’ is being rigged in broad daylight to make the vaccine look better, and the pre-vax pandemic look worse.

It’s an appalling bastardization of ‘science’ and a deliberate obfuscation thrown in the face of the public. If our sycophantic media had an ounce of integrity, there would be huge pushback against this very quiet and material adjustment. 

It’s the equivalent of saying you’re obese if you’re 5 pounds overweight and then lamenting an epidemic of obese people in the land. Magically post-vaccine, move the goal lines, and now you’re only technically obese if you’re 50 pounds overweight. Marvel as the number of obese people suddenly vanishes or shrinks. 

It’s yet another painful example of the gross corruption and manipulation of data/truth to feed a narrative.

I’ll say it again; a genuinely deadly global pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists. Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda, but psychological operations do.

VAERS, the optional database reporting of adverse vaccination events, still hasn’t been updated with some events from January. And based on the events they are updating (which are likely vastly undercounted due to the fact that they are voluntary and require multiple witnesses), I’m guessing even VAERS – a public database will no longer be public. Remember their mandate; anything that conflicts or contradicts the narrative must be destroyed (or censored).

That’s not science; it’s ideology.

Again, if truth isn’t made paramount, if it is merely an inconvenience to be tabled and subjugated in order to ‘promote the greater good,’ then you are dancing dangerously close to all of the past authoritarian regimes, both real (Soviet, Nazi) and imagined (Orwell, Huxley) over the last century. 

Michael Kimelman is a bestselling author, investor, coach, and speaker. His weekly blog can be found at; you can contact him at