I am pleased to announce the formation of a diversity panel to address racism. I pledged to create the panel in the wake of recent demonstrations following the death of George Floyd. Floyd was a black American man killed during an arrest after allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis on May 25.

Panel appointees include Paso Robles Councilwoman Maria Elaina Garcia, Pastor Vern H. Haynes Jr., Leola MacMillan PhD, Curt DuBost, Lovella Walker, Police Chief Ty Lewis, Sandra Bautista-Floyd, Susana A. Lopez PhD, Niya Williams, Stephen Vines, Elena Garcia, Sondra Williams and Carey Alvord.

Activities of the diversity panel will include surveying community attitudes, providing educational resources and recommending legislative action. Panel member Niya Williams says she is excited to move forward with the diversity panel.

“We have the opportunity to better ourselves and our community,” said panel member Niya Williams. “We must acknowledge the role of racism in creating pain among our residents.” She recognized the efforts of the school district and the dedication of local law enforcement. “These unprecedented times make our dependence upon each other critical,” she said.


I am excited to work with this exceptional group of talented and passionate people to address racism and realize our vision, which is to be recognized nationally as a model of multi-cultural diversity united to form a community made richer by the contribution and participation of all its citizens.

More information is available in local media and through social media as well as postings on www.pasomayor.com and www.pasodiversity.com.

Until we blog again, stay informed, stay involved and stay strong Paso Robles!