I am Dr. Bruce Jones, a retired Orthopedic Surgeon, running for SLO County District 2 Supervisor.

I believe in the American Dream. As a young man, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. No one in my family had even been to college. I worked my way through college and medical school as a construction carpenter.

Throughout my medical career, I was part of several medical missions to nations with inadequate medical resources. I am most pleased with the five missions to Peru I did with the Peruvian American Medical Society. Before each mission we spent several months gathering equipment and supplies donated by hospitals, vendors and others. During the mission, I worked teaching local surgeons how to use what we had brought them. After the mission, these local doctors had the equipment, supplies and know-how to continue providing these services for their communities.


My life experiences have prepared me to be a supervisor. Serving more than three years on the Templeton Area Advisory Group (TAAG), two years as the TAAG Chair, has given me many opportunities to talk with home owners, business owners, farmers and ranchers about their concerns. It has also given me experience in dealing with County ordinances and procedures.

As a member of the Board of a non-profit hospital that served a population larger than the total population of SLO County, I evaluated solutions for the medical care of that community and made difficult budget decisions for an organization with more employees than our County government.

As a physician on the Board of Supervisors, I will be able to ask appropriate questions and interpret data presented by the Health Department. Now that the BOS has regained its emergency authority for health care issues, my input will be essential. My medical training will be a valuable asset to important boards such as Mental Health and Cen Cal.

What I will do in office:

  • Work to clean up the corruption
  • Promote a more efficient and fair permitting process
  • Support parents’ right to make medical decisions for their children
  • Stand by the 80% of residents who voted to protect their water rights
  • Support increasing the number of deputies in District 2
  • Bring honesty and integrity back to the District 2 supervisor seat

Three generations of my family now live in District 2, and I care deeply about what happens here. Our County is a beautiful place to live, with rolling hills, seashore and woodlands. I want to preserve these resources for future generations.

Checkout out my website JonesForSupervisor.com

Thank you, 

Bruce Jones