Handmade Mexican bags for fall

It’s autumn, and whether it’s hot outside or just the tiniest bit blustery, we all have our traditions. Some people plant chives and kale. Others pull out their pumpkin carving tools. And some of us reach into the closet to trade out that straw summer bag for something a little hardier. That’s when the woven wool bags from MZ Made shine.

We are big fans of function, but we’re suckers for something that is useful and beautiful. For most of the 10 years we’ve been open, we’ve worked with the Chico-based MZ Made to offer their hand-woven clutches and totes. We’ve seen these same bags come in on the arms of customers, year after year, and we’ve looked at our own, and these bags HOLD UP. It’s partly the workmanship—MZ Made works with indigenous Zapotec designers and artisans from Oaxaca, Mexico. They strive to showcase the incredible artistry of their weavers, and to nurture lasting relationships. 

We can attest to that, having worked with and grown alongside the team at MZ. They are wonderful partners, and they embody the principles of fair trade and the slow fashion movement. (Slow fashion is defined as an awareness and approach to fashion that carefully considers the processes and resources required to make clothing, and focuses on timeless, high-quality designs over trend-driven pieces destined for the landfill after a few wears.) MZ Made is a Certified B Corp and women owned, and their bags are truly unique. You just have to pick one up, feel the thickness of the wool, see the warmth of the colors, and when you look at the tag, you’ll see the name of the weaver who created it. How often can you be that directly connected to the human who made the goods you’re holding in your hand?


This year, as a special treat, we brought in (drumroll!) some of their newest and coolest goods. There’s a long bucket tote, and a wider cross body that will fit everything but that pumpkin latte. And if you want to see more, just ask—we just couldn’t decide, so we brought in a lot of colors and designs that we’ve got in the back. 

We are so thankful for companies like MZ Made who are keeping traditions alive. 

Cheers to the traditions you love this time of year. 

From your friends at General Store Paso Robles


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