Let’s talk about trends and traditions. When planning a wedding there are tons of decisions to consider when it comes to traditions. Many options are just trends, but some have been around since ancient Roman times. Every few years the shift changes and I find clients teetering between trends and traditions.
Trends in attire, ceremonies and receptions are constantly evolving. Pop culture and the latest celeb wedding play into these shifts.
A tradition typically sticks around wedding culture much longer. Traditions tends to have more family influence and historical merit and what’s interesting about traditions is that a lot of them are being replaced by trends.

Azurae Shults

Borrowed & Bleu Columnist Azurae Shults

Have you ever asked where did these wedding traditions come from? Why do brides toss their bouquet? Why do you wear a wedding ring? Why do we save the top of our cake? Are these traditions important to you?
Here are some facts about wedding traditions we all know so well.
Bridal parties developed in ancient Rome. Bridesmaids dressed like the bride to help confuse evil spirits who may try to kidnap her. The groomsmen dressed alike to help abduct the bride if she was unwilling to get married. Now bridal parties wear similar clothes to represent friendship and support. My how times have changed! Trends today include having a man of honor or a grooms-woman. Couples are now opting for no bridal party at all and some even ask their parents or their favorite pet to stand in as maid of honor and best man!
Have you ever wondered why the bride tosses her bouquet at the end of the night? Ancient folklore says this tradition began as a way for the bride to escape the single women at her wedding who would rip off pieces of her flowers or dress to keep for good luck. Everyone wanted to be married back then! If you’re not a fan of this tradition try gifting the bouquet to a special friend or relative or have your florist place a single stem at each single woman’s place setting with a special note.
How about the placement of the ring? Romans believed the vein in the third finger of your left hand ran directly to your heart. A ring on that finger was symbolic of a couple’s love. A circle is thought to have no beginning and no end- hence the symbolism of the wedding ring. While the diamond is best known for bridal jewelry new styles are becoming trendy. Sapphires, rubies and even yellow diamonds are making the cut now!
How about the crazy tradition of saving the top layer of your wedding cake for a year? 19th Century couples saved the cake for their first child’s christening. Couples wait longer to have kids now so the tradition is losing popularity. New dessert trends like smaller cakes, ice cream, donuts, bite sized dessert bars, s’mores stations and even boozy milkshakes are becoming more popular! If you insist on keeping with tradition- have your baker make you a fresh cake on your anniversary and avoid eating freezer burned slices!
Whether you favor trends or traditions planning a wedding is an opportunity to share things that are important to you and reflect your style. Have some fun with it! Happy planning!