Wrapping my head around the enormity of goings on at the moment, it led me to surrender that some things are greater than myself — Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, Paderewski, and other performing arts going on in Paso Robles — it just simply boggles the mind.

Nicholas Mattson

Nicholas Mattson

I have so much to be grateful for, and also like a cornucopia, have so much to give. Doing our part to keep the good things going is just a part of what it means to live on the Central Coast, and it is a part of being an American.
Nothing makes me prouder to be a part of this community than sitting in a room full of people raising paddles to outbid each other for a prize that was donated to support healthy community activities.
That kind of thanks-giving is priceless, but we have no guarantee it will change a life. All we know is that it will provide an opportunity and the freedom for someone to change their own life through the hard work and dedication it takes to make that kind of change.
Whether it is a donation of $250 as a scholarship to Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation for one of their students to attend for the year, or if it is the sacrifices made by our veterans overseas. Doing our part to keep the good things going doesn’t come with any guarantees. We simply do our part, and hope that those on the receiving end will take advantage of the opportunities we tried to provide.
For all those veterans who have done their part to keep this good American thing going, I try to remain grateful, humble, and present to take advantage of the beautiful life I am provided as an American, and do something every day to make my community better.
It was truly humbling to put together a November issue filled with stories of Paso Roblans breaking bread with each other, thanking Bob for his service through the PASO Magazine, reading the stories of human beings who returned from Vietnam in silent shame and grow through the pain of their struggles to embrace the hero they truly are. Not everyone had that opportunity.
Sitting at the “Spencer Tracy” table at the PRYAF fundraiser on Saturday, my wife and I were blessed to sit between two veterans who shared their similar and different stories of loss and redemption, and there we were, entertained by a hundred kids taking the freedom they were given through the support of those who came before us, and showing us what it was worth — asking us to keep their good thing going. It was not hard to sell.
There are many ways to help others this fall, and you can find out more in our “Neighbors in Need” article on page 28, or you can go to and donate $250 to give one local child a year’s worth of opportunity at Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation. If you have not been to PRYAF, take a tour. Visit 3201 Spring St., or call (805) 238-5825 for more information.

“Either write something worth reading

or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin