Welcome Everyone to the 87th Annual Pioneer Day Parade!

Paso Robles Pioneer Day has been a tradition since the Hoover Administration! The very first Pioneer Day was held on October 12, 1931. The goal was to provide a day of community friendship and to commemorate the heritage of Paso Robles. This year we would like to welcome you and yours to a day of celebration including horseshoes, scrumptious beans, dances, bands, contests, a gymkhana …and of course the Annual Pioneer Day Parade! Bring your lawn chairs, hats, sunscreen and plan on having a memorable experience.
As Paso Robles grows and people are more caught upin their daily lives, work, kids, mortgage payments and utility bills, we tend to forget the good things in life and how blessed we are to be living here in this wonderful town we know as home. Pioneer Day is one of those special days that we can celebrate good old-fashioned Americana, right here in our home town. Bring your family and friends down and be a part of it all…it doesn’t get any better than this, let me tell you!
Take a look at the tractors, some of them Smithsonian quality, the horses, floats, Elementary School marching bands, The Shriners, local Boy Scouts and even a Caballero riding a bull…Yes, a bull! I had to take a second look myself and it reminded me of the movie Blazing Saddles.
“Leave Your Pocketbook at Home” has always been the motto for Pioneer Day. We don’t sell t-shirts, hats or even the coldest beer in town, but you can get a great bowl of FREE beans in the City Park. No… you can’t make this stuff up!Come down and join the fun that is Paso Robles Pioneer Day!