Stress Plays Havoc on Relationships

Managing Stress Isn’t Optional. It is Survival

Dr. Bonnie Lyon hosts The Relationship Hour, free of charge, each Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 7:30 in her downtown office at 1227 Park Street, Suite B. Dr. Bonnie will address a specific relationship topic. Whether with your partner, kids or siblings, you’ll walk away armed with new insight and practical applications to resolve conflicts, deepen your understanding and grow closer.
The Relationship Hour November
Dr. Bonnie Lyon photoIf you missed her on Nov. 8A Cat Will Never be a Dog! Unrealistic Expectations — be sure to catch next week:
Nov. 15 Dealing with Difficult People! Company is Coming. Smile!
Dr. Bonnie also leads a 7-week 2-hour series; teaching the principles of connecting to understand why people experience and interpret live as they do. Attendees learn the fundamental principles of living consciously; including living with personal integrity and impeccable honesty, rigorous personal responsibility, humility, vulnerability, openness, willingness, transparency and boundaries.
With full 7-week attendance, become aware of living life from a position of emotional honesty, reality, truth, validations, recognizing life’s distortions; truly seeing that choice is one of life’s greatest gifts.
Topics include integrating principles of validation and vulnerability into life and living in truth rather than distortion and how to recognize your distractions and controlling behaviors in relationships. And most importantly, how to live a life in peace rather than in pain. Powerful concepts that change lives.
Text or call 805-286-8606 to reserve the class or schedule a complimentary appointment. Email with questions. Visit for upcoming Relationship Hour topics. Watch for Dr. Bonnie’s book titled Through the Tunnel; Unlock the Pain of Your Past and Find the Courage to Grow Up, Not Just Old, scheduled for release in March of 2018.