H – Healthcare. E – Evangelism. A – Abiding Relationships. L – Leadership.

On May 13, Dr. Warren Frankel, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of His Healing Hands opened the 7th Annual Celebration Dinner with a hearty welcome and encouraging words to the nearly 250 guests. CEO Carl Dawson began the program sharing with the guests the vision of His Healing Hands using the word H.E.A.L.
H – Healthcare. Provided free of charge to the most deserving people in third world countries. E – Evangelism. The cornerstone is healthcare and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with every patient we treat. A – Abiding Relationships. Partnerships with the local church in the country we serve for 3-5 years to help them accomplish their ministry goals. L – Leadership. Development and medical care is given since most pastors in third world countries do not have the opportunity to receive formal training for ministry.

Iquitos Peru 2016 copy min

His Healing Hands assists patients in Iquitos, Peru

Carl introduced speakers Pastor Gus Bess from Overwhelmed by Grace Ministries and Pastor David Gomez from Mission Cristinia Esmirna in Tarapoto, Peru. The Pastors shared how God blessed the people of Tarapoto, Peru last year through the expanded ministry of His Healing Hands, providing 1,080 people with medical, dental and eye care and seeing 450 of them pray to receive Christ! All of that with a team of 19 people from the United States. In 2017, the ministry team of more than 30 people will allow for medical care for more than 2,000 people during the week-long ministry. In addition to the medical clinics, Pastor Bess will share the Gospel at festivals in the city center attended by several thousand people.
The Celebration Dinner featured Open Range Catering with a flavorful tri-tip dinner. The inspirational music was provided by Bob King and Don Jacobson. The weather turned cold and windy by the end of the evening but the chill in the air did not chill the giving hearts of those in attendance. The generous guests were inspired to donate $37,680. The board of directors and staff of His Healing Hands share their heartfelt thanks to all those who attended the Celebration Dinner and to Sculpterra Winery who hosted the event.