Handy Brad
Whether you need help designing a collapsing dog ramp that you can stash under your bed or always wanted a two-story tall pumpkin king in your front yard or could use an extra hand in whittling down that laundry list of ‘to do’ projects for your house, Brad Golden is the guy to call.
Golden grew up in a home full of tinkerers. Raised in Illinois, Golden said that his father and grandfather were constantly remodeling their home and as soon as he and his brother were old enough to swing a hammer, they were put to work. Their projects extended beyond woodworking and carpentry into rebuilding old cars, a passion of his father.
Golden has carried on the family tradition of creating and fixing. He says some of his favorite things to do in life are to problem solve and to move a conceptual project into reality.
“I get bored doing just one thing,” said Golden. “Doing handyman work is where I can do a lot of troubleshooting on a lot of different things.”planters
Before settling down on the Central Coast, Golden served as a marine and lived overseas during his service. Golden said he enlisted for the educational opportunities. Part of his eclectic career, Golden worked as a graphic designer as well as creating computer animation. While a marine, he was stationed in Southern California where he fell in love with that SoCal lifestyle.
Nurturing his creative streak, Golden started the Halloween Harvest Costume Ball, a party that boasts that it’s the largest costume ball on the Central Coast. Each year, Golden creates fantastic features for the party including a life-size guillotine, a two-story pumpkin scarecrow and a Madame Leota-styled talking crystal ball like the one found in the Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride. He also helps his wife Jennifer with her business, The Vreamery, (creamery with a ‘V’) that crafts and sells plant-based, dairy-free cheeses in local farmers’ markets. The unique business plans to be part of the Paso Market Walk, a 16,000-square-foot marketplace located at 1803 Spring St.
Golden said that his handyman business helps to support his long term goal of designing, creating and hosting special events, but there is also a big pay off in helping people with their home projects too.
“I like being of service,” said Golden. “When you leave you know that you’ve helped somebody. That’s really a big part of it, I enjoy helping people.”