Hope that you enjoy the fall as much as I do. The warm days of sunshine with a little nip in the air invigorates one. The horses respond to it, as well. The lovely autumn colors of the leaves makes for a wonderful background for shows and trail rides especially with a nip in the air.
Ever notice that a grateful person is nearly always a happy one? This is our month to set aside time to give thanks. Yes, even in the face of insane massacres, floods, fire, hurricanes and tornados. Consider taking a few moments to write down who and what you are thankful for. You might be pleasantly surprised. We are truly blessed.
Paso Horse Park
November will see top quality competition taking the obstacles on Hughes Parkway near Highway 46E. The Oak Tree and the Fall Classic will both be held here in Paso.  The level of competition is rising. Even if you don’t normally follow hunters or jumpers. there is something about excellence that surpasses the norm. Admission is free for spectators, so take someone along to the park and enjoy.
Rodeo Showdown
CA Circuit Rodeo Finals Showdown is scheduled for Oct. 13-15 so its past our deadline. The event will be held in Lancaster. Check CAFINALSRODEO.COM for results soon. Ladies Barrel Racing will be decided then, too.
As of the first week of October, the West Coast Collegiate Women’s Rodeo Team sat in first place of the seven colleges reporting. The top all around crown went to Abigale Hampton of West Hills who garnered a total of 556 points. The overall team for the men went to Cuesta College.
California Cow Horse Comeback
November 3-5 will find speed and action as well as smooth control of horse and bovine for the California Cow Horse Association’s Fall Spectacular including derby and shows at the International Agri-Center in Tulare. Take 4500 Laspina Street, for entry to the show. This includes younger and more mature horses in competition from the snaffle bit, to the advancing hackamore and two rein to the pride of the California horseman: the bridle, although not too many spade bits are employed in the arena today. Check out califcowhorse@gmail.com
Horseman’s Gift List 1
You want practical ideas for your favorite equine enthusiast? Time, and knowing that someone cares enough to make, find or give a gift with thought to enrich our lives, seems to be taking precedence today. Include a page with temperatures, respiration rates, etc. for the horse(s) in question taken when there is no stress. These will become the base line rate for comparisons. In an emergency, these things can be difficult to recall.
A gift certificate from you for: creating a website/blog/etc. for his/her horse habit, setting up a computer or smart phone with equine themes, a trip to a show or event, ranch sitting, stall cleaning, hay or horse hauling, manure disposal, mulch making, silver/saddle/gear cleaning, gear identification marking and photographing, boot cleaning, making hangers for gear or gear box, creating a mounting block/stand, lessons, auditing a favorite clinician, painting the barn or corrals, a collection of interesting articles from horse magazines in a handsome notebook you decorated, handmade horse plates, a calendar of horse events, bags of mane hair (6″ or longer) for “hair twisters” or tail hair (12+ inches) you have collected for hitchers, a gift basket with any number of horse items or CDs, a snapshot/photo session, framing show photos, making jumps, poles, caveletti or obstacles, clipping, braiding, equine massage, decorating a jacket or sweater with equine icons, repairing the gate that isn’t working horseback, or-your favorite (and still mine)—a day of fixing fence
Pulling together first aid and safety items for the barn, your truck and trailer and, if on the trail, for your saddle bag or cantle pack (don’t forget a whistle on a lanyard to be worn when riding out), add a small first aid book for horse and rider, a good knife and sheath, making a health and hoof journal, creating kits to enable the receiver to “do” something such as clean gear, clean boots, keep records, gift certificates for adventures for children or adults: sign up for a class, a day camp at one of our wonderful guest ranches, club dues for the family and the list goes on.(See December’s Hoofbeat for part two).
Until We Meet Again—Christmas is Coming
As we write, at the last show in October, Patty Knudson had a horse fall with her. He then quietly rolled on her trying to right himself. Patty is petite while the pleasure horses in the show ring are usually huge. Local trainer Lori Crow’s people scraped Patty up and gave her a few minutes to watch the rest of her students’ rides.
The ex-rays showed that her leg was broken. Typically, all Patty could talk about was how well her students had done at this show.
Congratulations to our own Jessica Hill and her horse “Kiss N Krymsun.”  The dynamic duo took the CA State Championship. Jessica has trained with Patty for ten years. Her black horse “Kira” has become an excellent all around horse. Last week they won the All Arounds, competes in several clubs across the state. Jessica also helps with the younger students. This gives her more awareness and satisfaction on different levels with her horses. Now, there will be a big thanksgiving!
Hoofbeat Calendar
Nov. 1-5 Central CA Fall Classic, PR Horse Park, Airport Rd. from Hwy. 46E to Hughes, free admission & parking, good food, bleachers, one of the class acts bringing visitors to our area, wine,
Nov. 3-5 California Cow Horse Assoc. Fall Spectacular, Derby & Shows, International Agri-Center, 4500 Laspina St., Tulare, excitement & fast paced action in the CA style, califcowhorse@gmail.com
Nov. 3-5 Backcountry Horsemen, one of many rides to experience when you join, location & details are for members only, BCHA.org
Nov. 4 & 5 Discover Partnership Clinic, Katrina Sanders, Varian Arabians, 1275 Corbett Canyon, AG, $595 includes stabling (bring your own horse feed), breakfast & lunch for yourself, 775-427-5550,
Nov. 8-12 Central CA Oak Tree Classic, Paso Horse Park, Hughes Parkway, lovely horses, jumpers free admission for spectators & parking, good food available, wine, bleachers,
Nov. 10-12 33rd Vaquero Show & Sale, Historical Society, Sagunto & Faraday Sts., shop for collectibles, art, & modern versions of CA horse gear or “cowboy” kitch items, cowboy campfire Sat. night, live music, CA gear maker families, small entry fee,
Nov.  9-12 Horsewomen by Grace, V6, Parkfield, join the terrific folks, lift your spirits & share a weekend with horsewomen on a lovely ranch, share laughter, reading & riding, if you ride with Jesus, you’ll never ride alone again, spaces are full for 2017, but get on the list for 2018 now, 463-2493
Nov. 15 Backcountry Horsemen meeting, elections, www.BCHA.com
Dec. 2 White Horse’s Customer Appreciation Gathering, 2805 Black Oak Dr., Paso, 2-6 p.m., discounts, drawings, music, fun, visit with horse friends, 434-1711,
Trail Tales
(Many thanks to Kathy Redden & AHC)
High Mountain Road, Pozo 1/10
View: Vistas of the Pozo Valley & Lopez Canyon
Access:  From N. Co., park in paved parking lot of Forest Service Ranger Sta. at Pozo, or on roadway adjacent. DON’T park in front of the ranger sta. as it is privately owned.
Fees:  None, Pass:  None
Rated:  Easy
Time factor: 3 – 4 hours. In/out & back ride, so riders can turn back at any time
Trail:  Forest service roadway (unpaved)
Feet: Shoes definitely recommended in summer, may not be necessary in
winter depending on the horse
Dogs: Allowed
Camp: None
Overnight: None
First aid: Call 911
Cell reception: Spotty
Caution: Periodic vehicles, wildlife
Maps: N/a
Participation: N/a
Other information: High Mt. Rd. is a good place to go if it rains as the road is always accessible. Ride up to High Mt. Lookout, though the road may be closed at High Mt. Campground in wet weather. The road also can be ridden towards Lopez Lake.  Road has access to Trout Creek Trail. Access is currently limited to this single-track trail.
Be careful to follow in the steps of others to stay clear of quick sand (not the sucking type portrayed in the movies, but a somewhat bottomless type). Use caution & don’t panic, but try to move your horse slowly to firm ground. It is best to travel with another rider with rope exp. in case of emergency. Wear both a whistle & cell phone. Tell people where you plan to ride & how long you will be out.