Happy New Year From Jimmy, Leigh-Ann and the whole staff at Shift’N Gears Garage. We are your local full-service auto repair experts with multiple Master ASE Certified Technicians to make sure you keep your freedom and drive safe. From brakes to transmissions and everything in between — we do that! We sincerely thank you for all of your support and can’t wait to continue to provide superior car care through, what will no doubt be, the best year yet.

New Year — New You — New Car? No way!

Take pride in both your possessions and your identity. Embrace the arrival of a new year not necessarily with the expectation of radical change, but with rejuvenation. Your vehicle serves as the conduit for the life you aspire to lead, providing the key to your freedom. Having been a steadfast companion through all situations, it’s essential to reciprocate the favor by ensuring proper care.

For your vehicle to endure the test of time, regular maintenance and annual inspections are imperative. Similar to regular health check-ups, adopting a proactive approach and making wise choices are crucial for maintaining peak performance. This involves keeping your vehicle’s fluids clean and fresh, addressing any worn-out components resulting from regular use.

If you find auto shops daunting, fear not. Shift N Gears is here. We offer a thorough vehicle inspection and assessment, complete with prioritized recommendations for preventative maintenance and necessary repairs. We guide you in creating a personalized schedule that aligns with your lifestyle, ensuring you have a secure and reliable vehicle at your disposal. Stay informed and take charge — wouldn’t you prefer to be in the know?

Be In The “Know” Universal Rules:

We have all heard of tune-ups, but what is it exactly? Due to the sheer volume of variety in vehicle manufacturing and parts the term “tune-up” is almost obsolete. However, there are some general rules to apply when caring for your vehicle, despite some manufacturer recommendations.

Average Lifespans:

  • Coolant = 2-5 years
  • Motor Oil = 3-5k miles or 3-5 months
  • Transmission Fluid = 30 (if you’re towing) or 50k miles
  • Spark Plugs = 60-90k miles
  • Timing Belt & Water Pump = 100k miles
  • Steering & Suspension = Requires Annual Inspection

Everything else is based upon physical condition and inspection. We all drive to different places on different roads — Some of us are stop-light warriors and others are cruisers, and it matters!


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