beansWhen Larry Eastwood bought Vic’s Café 45 years ago, little did he know that the Pioneer Day Bean Feed was part of the deal. Once Larry announced that 2017 would be his last year, finding someone to lead the effort fell right into place! Local Boy Scout Troop Leader David Kudija stepped up!
David adds, “I don’t have any experience with old tractors or farm equipment, but I have had some experience preparing food for large groups of people. I have been involved with Thanksgiving for Paso Robles for over 20 years and for six years made hundreds of gallons of beans annually for the Troop 60 Mother’s Day barbecue. I knew that experience would be helpful, but when the Pioneer Day committee asked me to take charge of the bean feed, I wasn’t sure I could pull it off.”
“It was when the Paso Robles Lions assured me of their continuing help that I knew that we could be successful and carry on the tradition. Most of the members of the Lions Club have signed on to help prepare the beans again this year and adults from Boy Scout Troop 60 will also be helping and learning the ropes this year. Together with them, the youth from Troop 60 and the firefighters will be doing the serving.”
As part of their honeymoon, David and Karen drove around the state to decide where they wanted to live and raise a family. They looked from the Mexican border to as far north to San Simeon and decided that Paso Robles would be the spot.
“It has proven to be a wonderful place to raise a family,” David said. “We’re so glad we chose it. To live in a thriving community with such a beautiful city park is nice. But to live among such wonderful folks is the true blessing. Pioneer Day is one of those things that makes Paso Robles such a unique and special place to live. It’s great to be a part of making that special day happen. In the 28 years we’ve lived here, I’ve seen the parade close to 20 times.”
This year, David will be very busy at the bean pots, but he just might catch a glimpse of the parade!
Thank you, Dave! Your spirit of giving is preserving the Pioneer Day tradition of a free bean feed for our community!