Upcoming Warming Station Schedule

 Due to forecasted rain (50% or more) and temperatures 40 and below, the Paso Cares’ Warming Station will be open on the following nights:
  • Monday, March 5
  • Tuesday, March 6
  • Wednesday, March 7
  • Saturday, March 10
  • Sunday, March 11
  • Monday, March 12
  • Tuesday, March 13
  • Wednesday, March 14

The Warming Station will not be open on the following nights:

  • Thursday, March 8
  • Friday, March 9

Persons desiring to stay at the Warming Station MUST appear at Peoples’ Kitchen, 2345 Riverside Avenue (southwest corner of 24th Street and Riverside Avenue), Paso Robles NO LATER THAN 5:30 pm on the evening that they wish to stay at the Warming Station (held at a different location every night). Paso Cares has arranged for Ride-On transportation to and from Peoples’ Kitchen.
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Any questions on this schedule or Paso Cares’ operations may be directed to Ed Gallagher at (805) 712-4710 or go to http://www.pasocares.org.