For Summer Dinners & Fried Pickles in the Backyard

When I was 14 years old, I was pining over the white cargo pants I’d seen in the latest Esprit ad campaign. I was not thinking of how to parlay my passions (which at the time included shoulder pads) into a business.

So, meeting Aiden Ponti, a local entrepreneur and high school freshman, I tried to imagine being 14 and having the curiosity, stamina, and wherewithal he’s maintained while launching Breadin’ Bros Dredge Mix. (Suffice it to say, I could not.) It’s a really good product, made of deceptively simple flavors. (If you aren’t sure what a dredge mix is, it’s helpful to know that dredging is a cooking technique used to coat wet or moist foods with a dry ingredient prior to cooking.) Aside from the fact that there’s no MSG and all natural ingredients, it’s versatile: you can use Aidan’s Breadin’ Bros Dredge Mix in everything from fried chicken to fried pickles or even gravy.

Aidan brought some by for us to consider, and I whipped up some chicken tenders. We all agreed they were fantastic — not too salty, just flavorful and delicious.


And let us tell you, Aidan has his ducks in a row: informative website, social media, product manufactured in a commercial kitchen, and a cheerful package that we love having on the shelf. Most of all, he has an infectious energy. When I asked him who he’d like to make a big ol’ platter of chicken for, he answered enthusiastically, “I would be curious to see what Gordon Ramsay thinks of my chicken.” Well, alright! And when I wondered if he had a mentor or role model, he shared that it was his grandma he looked up to. “She helped me out a lot getting Breadin’ Bros off the ground, so she definitely has a special place in my heart.” Impressive, and sweet.

As we celebrate 11 years at General Store Paso, we’re reminded that working with makers like Aidan has not only filled our shelves, but it’s introduced us to people we adore. Thanks to so many of you that have a special place in our heart. (Yes, even more special than 14-year-old-me’s love of perms and Depeche Mode.)

Happy summer, Neighbors!

The Team at General Store Paso Robles


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