For only the second time in its 75-year history, The Malibu Times newspaper has changed hands. 

Nicholas and Hayley Mattson will be the third couple to oversee the weekly print and daily web publication, taking over from Arnold and Karen York, who have helmed the paper since 1987. The founding publisher of The Malibu Times (TMT), Reeves Templeman, started the newspaper with wife Eileen in 1946. Following Eileen’s death two decades later, Templeman remarried and, with wife Reta, published the paper for two more decades.

Reflecting on the past 34 years, when asked what their greatest accomplishment as publishers was, Karen replied immediately, “Keeping it going!”

Arnold agreed.

“Over 34 years, the greatest accomplishment is—Karen’s right, actually—we never missed an issue, even through two horrendous fires, personal family crises, losing a son,” Arnold said.

“We inherited the obligation from the Templemans,” Karen added. “In the entire time he owned the paper, from founding it, he never missed a paper—including fires, his heart attack and the death of his wife. The fact that we respected and adhered to that obligation is a tremendous accomplishment.”

But, with Arnold now 84 years old, the Yorks said they felt it was time for a new generation of publishers to take over. 

“It’s important for us to continue the legacy that they [the Yorks] built, and bring some youth to it,” Hayley said. “We have a different view of how the news is presented—the content we put in, the way we engage with the community. We’re hoping to really highlight the hometown feel Malibu still has and continue that legacy.”

Hayley, 43, and Nic, 42, are the parents of two young sons—Mirac, nine, and Maximus, six—and 17-year-old daughter Elle.

The couple got into the magazine business in San Luis Obispo County in 2017 and, two years later, purchased their local newspapers, Paso Robles Press and The Atascadero News

Arnold York
A toast to new owner Arnold G. York in 1987

“As a young family, we are honored to carry on the tradition that Arnold and Karen have stewarded thus far with The Malibu Times,” Nic said, later adding, “We do care about what it means to be a family in the community and what it means to be a resident of the community, and the small town understanding of what it means to be involved and to volunteer, or to help support local business—those are the things that we have really endeavored, since 2017, in creating up north and we see that this community has that same type of essence that makes it special and unique.”

The Mattsons’ motto is “good news, real news, hometown news.” When it comes to TMT, this means there will be a fresh focus on community-centered “good news” stories on A1. Breaking news and hard news stories can still be found at and inside the newspaper, but going forward, expect to see more good news front and center.

“We hope to produce the hometown news for Malibu that keeps it readable, keeps it informative and hits the notes that the residents of Malibu come to expect from The Malibu Times,” Nic said.

When asked what advice they had for the new publishers, Arnold and Karen said to make sure to stay engaged in the community. For the Yorks, that meant running the monthly business roundtable meetings, founding and chairing the Malibu Dolphin Charitable Foundation and being involved with the Chamber of Commerce, Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue and Malibu Film Society. 

Reeves Templeman Malibu Times
A column from the first edition of The Malibu Times in 1946 setting forth the mission of the newspaper, which included: “We shall always strive to be friendly and helpful to all people, but in our friendliness and helpfulness we shall also consider it our responsibility to protect our people against the infiltration of swindlers, charlatans and fly-by-nights…”

“The joy of running the paper has been our involvement in the community,” Karen said.

Hayley said they were looking forward to doing just that. “Getting to know the members in the community is what ties it all together for us… making communities better through print.”

When asked if there was a message they would like to share with Malibu, Nic said, “We are listening, we come with very open minds and open ears to learn as much as we can about how to steward what we have just inherited from the Yorks. We will be accessible in our roles and to get to know people in the community as we grow to be a part of it.”

You can still reach TMT by calling 310.456.5507. Editorial content such as news tips, people items, letters to the editor and obituaries can still be sent to Advertising inquiries and classified ads can still go to classads@malibutimes.comTMT has a new office that will be opening sometime in the second week of November located at 24955 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite A102.