It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Sheila Nancy Klaesius on October 26, 2023. Born on April 3, 1952, in San Mateo, California, Sheila’s 71 years were marked by compassion, a zest for life, and dedication to others.

A graduate of the College of San Mateo, Sheila embarked on a fulfilling career as a registered nurse, contributing nearly two decades at Sierra Vista Hospital in San Luis Obispo. Her authentic kindness touched the lives of numerous patients and created lasting bonds with her fellow nurses, who remain family friends to this day.

Encountering Karl Klaesius in the Sonoran Desert on a camping trip with mutual friends, Sheila, and her lifelong companion exchanged vows in 1975. Sheila and Karl shared a passion for travel and discovery. Yet they also found meaning in taking the time for small conversations and listening with their hearts to those around them.

Mild-mannered and, at times, reserved, Sheila continually surprised us all. She fearlessly hurtled down Pike’s Peak on a bicycle, traversed Alaskan glaciers, and parasailed over Buenos Aries, among many other adventures with family and friends.

Sheila also dedicated herself to the Central Coast community. Beginning by teaching sewing with the Santa Margarita 4-H club, she then spent nearly a decade with the sheep group, where she served as project co-leader alongside Karl. Sheila actively participated in Quota International, deriving immense joy from the camaraderie of her Quota sisters while striving to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Her philanthropic spirit extended to supporting public radio, Habitat for Humanity, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Whether engaged in marathon dinner discussions with family, cheering on San Francisco Giants and SLO Blues baseball, or savoring her favorite Central Coast wines (reds only, please!) with friends, Sheila’s sharp and lively wit never failed to captivate. Her legacy of love and kindness lives on through her daughter, Erin Randolph, son-in-law, Jeff Randolph, and grandson, Jackson Karl Randolph—along with the many friends that Sheila loved like family, too.

A celebration of life honoring both Sheila and Karl is slated for January.