Robyn Elizabeth Mondo, 33, of Paso Robles, passed away on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. She is survived by her only son, siblings, parents, family, and friends.

A memorial service will be held at 2:00 pm on Saturday, March 11, 2023, at the Almond Acres Charter Academy Auditorium (1145 Niblick Road, Paso Robles, CA).

Robyn was born on April 26, 1989, in Glendale, CA. She was unapologetically herself, fiercely protective over her loved ones, and had the most infectious laugh. She loved watching cringey reality TV shows, eating sour candy and hot Cheetos, and gossiping. Spending time with her son brought her so much joy and was her favorite thing to do. She was sassy, bold, loving, soulful, inspirational, and resilient.

To know Robyn was to love Robyn, and she was known by many. She will be incredibly missed.

A GoFundMe has been set up in honor of Robyn. All funds received will be put into a trust and used to support her son. Please consider donating at