PASO ROBLES — On Nov. 7, at nearly 11 p.m., a King City California Highway Patrol (CHP) unit was conducting construction zone enforcement on US 101 in Monterey County when they pulled over a speeding vehicle in the southbound direction near the Bradley Rest Area. The vehicle in question was a black 2007 Infiniti G35. Upon approaching the stopped vehicle, the driver abruptly accelerated and fled the scene, heading southbound on US 101.

The CHP officer attempted to pursue the fleeing vehicle but eventually lost sight of it. Shortly afterward, a Templeton CHP unit spotted the same suspect vehicle traveling southbound on US 101 at 17th Street in Paso Robles and initiated a pursuit with speeds exceeding 100 mph. After exiting southbound US 101 at SR 46 West, the suspect driver re-entered US 101 in the northbound direction at SR 46 West, continuing to evade law enforcement northbound on US 101.

The pursuit ultimately led the driver to the Camp Roberts off-ramp, where they went the wrong way until reaching the Bradley Rest Area. Attempting to exit the Rest Area parking lot at high speed, the suspect driver lost control of the vehicle, resulting in a collision with a hillside west of the on-ramp. After coming to a stop, both the driver and a passenger, identified as Khari Young, fled on foot. Officers were able to apprehend the passenger at the scene. However, the driver managed to escape in a westerly direction onto Camp Roberts property.


Despite a thorough search, which included the deployment of a K-9 unit and handler, law enforcement officers were unable to locate the suspect driver. Authorities are now seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating the driver. 

Young is described as a black male adult, 5’9″ and 210 pounds. He is listed as from Oakland. He is 27 years old. The passenger’s identity has not been released, but is listed as being from Stockton.

If you have any information regarding the possible identity of the driver, please contact the Templeton CHP office at (805) 400-6720.