The Paso Robles Police Department continues to clean up the neighborhood while crime in general drops due to the countywide shelter-at-home observation. Criminals have far less competition for the attention of law enforcement, as generally law-abiding citizens stay indoors.

The arrest logs from the last week in both Paso Robles and Atascadero showed little more than a dozen arrests or citations. A few standout arrests have topped the local charts, as the PRPD works to make the best use of its time, and the taxpayers’ dime.

The Paso Robles Police Department posted:

Last night officers saw Nathan Duckworth, a parolee-at-large, near JC Penny’s. As usual, Duckworth ran, disappearing into the riverbed. ‘Round 3 am, officers were chit-chatting over coffee at Eagle Energy. Between talks about Tiger King and cop-work, two eager cops decided they would give it another shot. So, we crawled back into the riverbed from the Riverbank neighborhood and waited. It wasn’t long before we saw a light bobbing up and down, heading right towards us. The sounds of a janky bike being dragged over river rock further gave away his position. Just as Duckwork was within an unsafe Covid distance, he shined his light on a dark looming figure in front of him. He was shocked to find it was a 6’5” officer who quickly got him in cuffs. Duckworth was booked at the SLO County Jail.