Encourages business and residents to ‘Get Outside in Paso’

PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles, Chamber of Commerce, Travel Paso and the Downtown Main Street Association announced the next phase of outdoor business in Paso Robles is underway, with the addition of new on-street dining beginning Friday. 

The first phase of on-street dining, opening on Friday, July 24, includes the use of parking stalls on portions of Pine Street between 11th and 12th, and portions of 12th Street between Park and Pine, in front of Streetside Ale House and La Cosecha Bar + Restauant.

Next week, on Monday, July 27, on-street dining installation will begin on 11th Street, in the parking stalls in front of the new Taste restaurant, Basil, Cold Stone, Oralé Taqueria, and The Catch. Two-way traffic circulation will be maintained in all three locations.

Subsequent phases, including portions of other Downtown blocks, will be implemented in the coming weeks. These on-street areas will be used for outdoor dining and businesses seven days a week, as long as State restrictions on indoor business activities are in effect.

Temporary sidewalk use is also an option for businesses that can maintain four feet of clearance on the sidewalk for pedestrians. Sidewalk or on-street business permits can be implemented by completing a permit application with a deferred permit payment. The $393 permit fee is deferred until 30 days after the state’s emergency order ends. Any business that would like to explore their options for outdoor business should call 805-237-3970.

The City Council approved the temporary use of the public right-of-way for outdoor business to help local businesses during the pandemic. The City of Paso Robles, Chamber of Commerce, Travel Paso, and the Main Street Organization are continuing to work with local stakeholders and individual business owners to keep businesses open and meet individual companies’ diverse needs.

These newest outdoor business options augment options approved by Council within the last few months, including dining in the Park approved in May and the City’s Parklet Program, created in June.

“We started the on-street dining and business options Downtown because it’s the heart of Paso, where residents come for dining and entertainment. It’s important for our residents to know that Paso Robles is committed to finding safe options for our community and businesses to continue to thrive,” says Warren Frace, Community Development Director. “Setting up this pilot program in a visible place will get residents out safely and will hopefully encourage other businesses in other areas around the city to try it as well.”

The outdoor business model is not limited only to restaurants and not limited to Downtown. The City is also allowing private parking lots Citywide to be converted into parklets for dining, retail, and personal care services like hair salons or facialists. Any business that needs to move outdoors to abide by state regulations during the pandemic will have new options.

Four parklets have already been approved and installed in private parking lots. Restaurants and other businesses with private parking lots may apply to the City to expand operations into their off-street parking area with the permission of the property manager/owner. 

The City is issuing no-cost private parklet permits for these activities on private property, contact planning@prcity.com for more information.