ATASCADERO — Peter Lucier, owner of Hearing Aid Specialists of the Central Coast, can now program hearing aids with a new mask-specific program.

Following best practices and National Acoustic Lab’s new guidance, Lucier can program hearing aids for better speech understanding while others are wearing a face covering. He has had many requests from his patients in the past seven months to adjust their hearing aids since mask usage became mandatory.

His office, Hearing Aid Specialists of the Central Coast, is now offering this service to the essential workers in our community at no charge to them.

“I have several patients who work at CMC, ASH, Trader Joe’s or Miner’s. They just can’t hear clearly through the plexiglass and masks”, says Lucier. “These workers have a tough job even in normal times; if I can help them hear better on the job, it’s the least I can do.”


Hearing Aid Specialists will add this new program at no charge for essential workers struggling to understand others. Lucier wants to give back to these hard-working individuals of San Luis Obispo County. Police officers, hospital staff and grocery store workers are on the front-lines night and day.

Setting up the new mask-mode takes about 30 minutes and it can be programmed to 95% of all brands of hearing aids on the market. It is done at Lucier’s office while you wait. This procedure is by appointment only and their schedule is filling up quickly.

Peter and his wife, Nicole Lucier, are the practice owner of Hearing Aid Specialists of the Central Coast. They have been serving San Luis Obispo County for the past 20 years. They have two offices, one in Atascadero and one in San Luis Obispo. If you have questions or need more information, call 805-460-7385.