Camps and Classes Keep Kids Active During Spring Break

Spring Break Camps Offer STEAM: Enrichment and Hands-On Learning
STEAM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. This integrated approach to learning is becoming increasingly important in education because it encourages students to think more broadly and creatively, boosting problem-solving skills. With this in mind, Paso Robles Recre­ation Services will present two exciting and enriching STEAM camps for local students during spring break.
3 .. 2 .. 1 .. Lift Off! Science Camp
Back by popular demand, science educator and Science-Dipity founder Tim Baker will offer a week of “out of this world” learn­ing for curious kids ages 6-11 with a 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. Lift-Off! science camp. Science-Dipity classes make science concepts easier for children to understand because students get to handle all of the materials involved.
“We focus on developing science literacy, along with the ability to problem solve and make the world a better place,” says Baker.
From 9 a.m. until noon Monday, March 26 through Friday, March 30, budding scientists will be immersed in a full week of exciting explorations in aerodynamics. Students will launch a solar balloon and their own water rocket (they even get to keep the launcher for future missions). They’ll create a siphon to magically move water from one cup to another, use air pressure to lift a burning candle, create a hover craft, levitate a ping pong ball on a column of air and much more. Each day, these young scientists will bring home artifacts they’ve created during the class to teach friends and family about what they’re learning.
Raytoons Classes
After a morning of scientific exploration, students can switch gears, with two classes focusing on technology and art with cartoonist and tech teacher Ray Mullikin.
During Ray’s Making Interactive Fiction Video Games class from 12:30-3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27 and Wednesday, March 28 students will have the chance to create their own “Choose Your Own Adventure” type of story using pictures, animations and sounds.
On Thursday and Friday, March 29 and 30, Drawing Animal ‘Toons class will teach young artists the secrets and tricks that professional cartoonists use to create cartoon animals. Students will bring a portfolio of their work home to share what they’ve created.
Both 3 .. 2 .. 1..Lift Off! and Raytoons camps offer sibling discounts with Raytoons offering a multiple class registration discount. Scholarships are available. For more information or to register for classes visit or call Recreation Services at 805- 237-3988.