Fleet and Driver Availability for Public and Private Use

SLO Safe Ride is offering their full fleet and availability during this crisis period in order to supplement any need for transportation infrastructure during the Coronavirus Pandemic. While their vehicles and professional drivers have always been utilized for weddings, wine tours, government contracts, and all other forms of passenger transportation, ownership and management at the company want to extend creative options for government and disaster relief, as well as donations where it makes sense.

Though SLO Safe Ride is for-profit, their model has always been one based on altruism and community need. The now-fixture of local transportation started as a night life shuttle to alleviate DUI and downtown transportation issues, and they have continued to adapt their business model to serve the Central Coast as it has grown alongside the business.

This period of time is no different, explains owner and co-founder Trevor Freeman: “We’re looking for the best way to keep our vehicles and drivers moving while at the same time providing assistance at this time of need. It is most important to start a conversation about how we can put our resources to use, whether you’re looking for runs to grocery stores, or moving supplies, or whatever it is we can do to help— please reach out to us.”

At the time of press, SLO Safe Ride is open for charter business 24/7, every day of the week, and will be evaluating requests based on compliance with state and federal mandates. Please do not hesitate to contact them at (805) 620-7233 or Info@SLOSafeRide.com for any transportation needs.