Cancer Support Community – California Central Coast (CSC-CCC), a non-profit organization that offers social and emotional programs services to local cancer patients, survivors, and their families free of charge, is offering its current programs and counseling sessions “to-go,” no gift card necessary. 

In an effort to prioritize the safety of their participants and staff, and to be proactive to expand supportive services. educations, support group and individual counseling will be available “to-go” via the HIPAA-compliant tele-health interface ZOOM, and social media platforms. With these tele-health tools, CSC-CCC therapists have the ability to actually see and connect one-on-one with individuals, couples, and families in their own home.

“For many cancer patients and survivors with compromised immune systems, this public health emergency may likely be a source of anxiety, said CSC Executive Director Shannon D’Acquisto. Cancer can be inherently isolating, and people have a need to relate to others who are going through the experience,” said D’Acquisto. Patients unable to get social and emotional support during these times are at risk of feeling more isolated, depressed, or anxious. Now more than ever, it is important to dissipate that isolation and anxiety.” 

During this unique time, CSCP will continue to be a community of support for its members. As the mission states, we will work together to empower, strengthen, and sustain each other. Stay well!


For information about the Cancer Support Community – CA Central Coast, programs, or to donate, please visit

The mission of Cancer Support Community-California Central Coast is to help those affected by cancer and their loved ones enhance their health and well-being. With a motto of “So that no one faces cancer alone,” CSC provides a professional program of emotional support as well as education in order for participants to learn vital skills that will enable them regain control, reduce isolation, and restore hope regardless of the stage of disease. Fundraisers, private donations, and sponsors enable CSC to continue its work with the local community.