Confusion about who runs Paso Robles Daily News harms local journalism

True journalism informs the community with facts and clarification to assist in responsible decision-making. Journalism is not something that is born from marketing meetings or political think tanks. The purpose of journalism is to inform the community with verified facts so people can make informed decisions. When “news” becomes entertainment, a political weapon, or simply a business, inherent drift occurs in reporting that must be admitted honestly when wrong is committed, and then it must be corrected.

Newsroom journalists are separated from the marketing and sales department deliberately to maintain as much purity in reporting as possible. The HBO show “Newsroom” pontificates articulately on problems that corporate sponsorship creates in the delivery of honest and accurate journalism.

The development of social media and consumer-level access to web development has exacerbated the problem as media companies chase likes and shares, and marketing metrics drive decisions.

The first place responsible journalism happens is in the headline — which should be interesting enough to entice a reader to continue but informative enough that a reader can understand the topic.

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An example of a misleading headline in the realm of public health and safety. Being shared 35 times proliferates the harm done by preying on fears about a global health issue.
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Consumers of social media rightly air their grievances.

For the record, as of Tuesday, February 25, there is no incident of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in San Luis Obispo County.

Without professional journalists and editors on staff, the missing checks and balances inherent to a newsroom are not there to protect a publishing company from chasing likes and shares instead of delivering verified facts responsibly.

When companies use misleading or clickbait headlines, especially when public health and safety is involved, the result is a liability to the community instead of an asset.

Media is competitive, and fun, and exciting, and competitive. Most of all, when done right, it is ethical and responsible.

The Paso Robles Press gets regular letters and comments regarding the website and Facebook page called Paso Robles Daily News. They are often mistaken as ours, and we apologize for the confusion and we look forward to continuing our work in protecting our good name from the irresponsible publishing done by them. We are not Paso Robles Daily News, have never been associated with them, and are sorry to anyone who has been misled.

Our staff of employed journalists and editors are here to serve the community with breaking news, quality reporting, timely news, and accurate information.

Thank you for supporting local journalism, and remember — when you look for quality news, look for The Press, serving Paso Robles since 1889.