After a wonderful, wet winter, the grass is growing (as well as the weeds!) and the flowers are bursting from the ground with incredible colors! If you dread this time of year, fear not! The Natural Alternative is coming to your rescue!
Allergies are simply your immune system springing into action when you come in contact with a harmless substance such as pollen. Some allergens are present seasonally (pollen, ragweed, tree pollen, fungus mold) and others are present in the environment year-round (pet dander, dust, mites, molds). Your immune system releases inflammatory histamines into the nasal passages, resulting in runny nose, congestion, watery eyes, sore throat, etc.
The Natural Alternative is stocked up with your favorites for this glorious time of year. One ancient secret for keeping nasal passages clear is a nasal cleansing pot; also known as a “Neti Pot.” It can be used daily while showering to remove dust, pollen, excess mucus and other irritants. Used with a saline solution (we also carry the special salt), you gently rinse your nasal passages to soothe and moisten when they feel dry and irritated. We have both ceramic cleansing pots as well as plastic for easy travel.
As an alternative to a Neti Pot, try XLEAR natural saline nasal spray to alleviate congestion and relieve sinus pressure. The key here is to reduce the irritant’s ability to adhere to nasal membranes, washing away dust and pollen that triggers an allergic response, resulting in a runny nose and watery eyes. This simple spray is natural, fast, effective and safe for daily use.
LifeSeasons® Breathe-X Allergy & Sinus Support supports immune function, normal histamine production and relieves sinus congestion. Breathe-X provides sinus support and soothes nasal passages with quercetin and bromelain which help maintain healthy sinus tissues and vitamin C that supports immunity and normal histamine production. The citrus bioflavonoids promote blood vessel integrity and healthy immune response. Nettle leaf calms histamine production. Breathe-X has been awarded “Best in Class” for relief from allergy symptoms! Breathe-X is on sale at 20 percent off in May!
Our customers are also finding powerful support and relief during allergy season with local honey! We are pleased to announce that we now carry Matthews Honey! Exceptionally rich in nutrients and savory sweet, this antioxidant-rich honey is a great compliment to oatmeal, tea, coffee or whatever needs a special touch of healthy sweetness.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the special mums out there!

– Owner Bobbi Conner and her team Sandy, Nick, Moriah, Monika, Denae and Megan