Designer’s choice options allow Paso customers to celebrate every mom’s unique style

PASO ROBLES — This Mother’s Day, The Floral Parlor, an independent florist in downtown Paso Robles, is reinventing the flower-giving experience with a fresh and personalized approach. In a departure from the traditional pre-set arrangements, The Floral Parlor introduces an exclusive Designer’s Choice collection, tailored to honor the diverse styles that mothers cherish.

Amidst the bustling flower market landscape, The Floral Parlor stands out as an oasis of creativity and individuality. Established during the challenges of the pandemic, this local gem swiftly captured the hearts of Paso Robles residents seeking something beyond the ordinary. 

As founder and designer Sunny Sheldrake emphasizes, “We like to say ‘we’re not your grandma’s florist.’ We’re an independent haven where creativity thrives, and each floral design tells a unique story.”

The innovative Designer’s Choice collection is a testament to The Floral Parlor’s commitment to celebrating the essence of motherhood in all its diversity. Customers are invited to choose from a curated selection of styles, including Bright and Bold, Pretty Pastels, Whites and Greens, and Wildflower Style. This intentional curation ensures that every arrangement reflects the recipient’s personality and preferences, from the vibrant and daring to the soft and serene.

Sheldrake shares her enthusiasm for the approach: “Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the unique bond between mothers and their loved ones. With our Designer’s Choice options, we’re empowering our customers to express that love in a truly personalized way. By offering a range of styles, we’re ensuring that every mom feels seen and cherished on her special day.”

Beyond its commitment to creativity and customization, The Floral Parlor’s decision to embrace Designer’s Choice options also speaks to its dedication to independence and community support. By working with the flowers they have on hand, The Floral Parlor not only has more creative liberty but also offers a better value to its customers.

As Mother’s Day approaches, The Floral Parlor invites residents of Paso Robles and beyond to experience the joy of giving with intention. Whether celebrating a mother’s love, a maternal figure’s guidance, or the bond between generations, The Floral Parlor promises to deliver beauty, thoughtfulness, and a touch of bespoke elegance.

For more information about The Floral Parlor and its Designer’s Choice collection, visit the shop in downtown Paso Robles, located across from Boot Barn, or online at

About The Floral Parlor

The Floral Parlor is an independent floral and gift shop as well as a full-service wedding and event florist in the heart of downtown Paso Robles. This whimsical floral shop opened in 2020 and sets itself apart with modern and elevated floral designs and unique gifts for any occasion.

Feature Image: Colorful bouquets like this are available for Mother’s Day (May 12) at the Floral Parlor in Paso Robles. Photo Courtesy of The Floral Parlor