Unplug for a Calmer and More Joyful Holiday

calmholidayFor some of us, the holidays are just popcorn balls of joy. For others, they’re stress and too many obligations and things to check off the list. We plan all year to make the holidays, well, fun for our customers. We make special playlists, design our own Joy Paso tea towels, and taste chocolate and mixers and malt balls and cider. (We know. It’s hard.) We firmly believe that the holidays do not have to be full of angst and rushing. We’d love to get you through the season with a little more peace and a slightly slower pace.
DO A PUZZLE Working on jigsaw puzzles can me more like meditation, bringing calmness and peace of mind. They work both sides of your brain, making your memory sharper. We’ve got puzzles from half a dozen different companies…. from Piatnik, who’s been making cards and puzzles since the 1700s to Eeboo, a woman-owned company we love working with. They use super bright colors and patterns that appeal to kids and grown-ups alike.
“We’d love to get you through the season with a little more peace and a slightly slower pace.”
TOAST & TEA Morning Glory Farms’ Spiced Persimmon may be their very best jam ever. Spread it on toast with a sip of tea for an afternoon pick-me-up. We also carry Tea Drops, organic pressed teas that dissolve in your cup without the need of a tea bag and producing 20% less waste! Makes a good cup of tea at work or school a cinch.
LET US WRAP IT We offer gift wrapping at General Store when you buy the gift from us. Whether it’s a gift basket or a bag with one of our custom stickers and ribbon, it’s one less thing you have to do!
BLISS OUT Dop a Life Elements Bliss Ball ™ into a bath and turn it into your own personal masseuse. Skin-softening and aromatic, a 20 minute soak soothes sore muscles, aches and pains.
We’re open 7 days a week at General Store. We’re biased, but we think we are a lot more fun than just clicking on a website..
We’ve got this Paso! We are so thankful for this community!

– The Team at General Store