Find your go-to team at The Natural Alternative Nutrition Center in Paso Robles

By Cassandra Frey

Bobbi Conner
Master herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist Bobbi Conner of Paso Robles is passionate about her role in helping the community thrive, become healthy, and find balance. Conner founded the Natural Alternative Nutrition Center in Paso Robles in 1995, after graduating from Trinity College of Natural Health as a Master Herbalist. She continued her education with the American Academy of Nutrition as a board certified Nutrition Consultant, and she continues her education in clinical nutrition and functional medicine by regularly attending seminars throughout the year.
“Becoming a nutritionist was necessary,” she said. “To share my experience and knowledge with others who want to improve their own health.”
Conner admittedly wasn’t always in the best health, she shared, and as a young woman she realized her passion for finding a natural approach to healing.
“As I reached my twenties, my health was not as optimal as I would have liked, so I began studying nutrition and the importance of food as medicine,” Conner said. “I wanted to learn how supplements would help support my high-stress lifestyle.”
Conner remembers growing up eating whole foods at her family’s dinner table, which helped to set the stage for a successful and healthy lifestyle.
“I always seemed to be fighting various viruses as I grew up, and antibiotics were routine in my life,” she said.
She noticed an increase in her energy, vitality, and a remarkable improvement in her immune system just by making simple changes to her diet and lifestyle, leading her to open The Natural Alternative Nutrition Store in 1995.
“I have met with individuals wanting to not only achieve a healthy weight, but also improve their cardiovascular health, sleep better, improve digestion and much more,” she said. “With my detox/weight loss programs, my clients report weight loss averaging 10-20 lbs. with renewed energy, mental clarity, and a foundation for healthier eating habits.”
Conner and her team strive to educate their customers, helping them to make the proper dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal wellness. Her message is simple, “Change your diet, exercise daily, and practice disease prevention, that’s the Natural Alternative.”
This year in April, The Natural Alternative Nutrition Center celebrates its annual customer appreciation day, which is their way of saying thank you to the community.
“I am proud of my team, and I love to serve the community in such a wholesome way,” Conner said.
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