Local artist Dale Evers leading the project

PASO ROBLES — The Paso Robles City Council on Dec. 3 unanimously approved an artwork project at the entrance of Norma’s Way located downtown at Pine Street and 12th Street.

Proposed by local artist and business owner, Dale Evers, the archway will greet pedestrians at the mouth of the alley that is named after long-time and current Paso Robles Downtown Main Street Association leader Norma Moye. The project is a private venture and will not be funded by the City. The Downtown Association’s office is located in the alley halfway between Park and Pine streets.

“One thing to keep in mind is that this is all going to be privately funded,” Paso Robles Director of Community Development Warren Frace said. “So although this is on public property, it’s not going to involve any cost and there will be a maintenance agreement for the initial period to make sure that it holds up as expected.” 

Frace said the City adopted ordinances and policies beginning in 1999 to encourage public art such as murals on private property to enhance unique community features, making Paso Robles “a special place to live, work and shop.”


The process involves Community Services operating as a Public Art Review Committee that accepts proposals and recommends them to the City. Due to being placed in the public right of way, the project must go through an encroachment permit process. Frace told the Council that past projects such as murals have gone through a “neighborhood input process” and recommend the same procedure or Evers’ arch. Although Evers retains full control of the piece, he will hold a neighborhood meeting where he will receive input from the community.

“It’s worked fairly well with the mural process,” Frace told the Council before the vote. “We’re recommending that we use the same process for this. After that’s completed, the artist will be able to install the artwork.”

Addressing the Council, Evers spoke of his love for Paso Robles and talked briefly of his vision for more public artwork. He also acknowledged the financial help from private citizens that made the project possible. 

“I have been blessed with people who have come and paid for this because they have an interest in developing that area,” Evers said.

For more information, visit prcity.com.