Stormy Capalare speaks to concerns, fears, uncertainty, and lack of knowledge

Students are having conversations about the Coronavirus filled with fear, uncertainty, and lack of knowledge. They overhear adults talking, the news, and friends, and have a difficult time processing it.
The video covers :
Basic tips based on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to avoid exposure. The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District proactive measures, and good hygiene 101.
*Basic analogies to help children understand and lesson fear.
*And information about “why” they may see people wearing masks. (Show respect, empathy, and kindness to all.)

Video: Student 5-year-old demonstrating good hand washing.

The lesson includes Respecting our resources (water use and appropriate paper towel usage). The time frame is 20 seconds (ABC song). As a part of the lesson students

Video: How germs spread exercise using glitter and lotion and conversation.

As part of the lesson, the teacher reads books, has open discussion, educates, shows and has students walk through the process of proper hygiene. And currently, they are creating a song about hygiene to the “Old Town Road” melody