• LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cunningham, Monning deserve thanks for securing Chalome 'Y' funding

    Editor, Our local Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham and State Senator Bill Monning both deserve a great deal of credit for their role in securing $197 million in state transportation dollars for San Luis Obispo County to fund key improvements to the Cholame “Y” intersection of Highways 41 and 46. This section of highway is ominously known as “blood alley” due to the alarming number of fatal car crashes that have occurred there over the years and has badly needed upgrades for quite some time.

  • Immigration, politics and hope?

    Today’s column is on immigration, its importance to the country, the humanitarian side of it, how it’s being politically exploited, and hope for the future. We are a country of immigrants, from the Mayflower onward, waves coming from every corner of the world, always in search of a better life. Seeking religious freedom, economic improvement, searching for gold, fleeing famine, or fleeing tyrants, these are our citizens. Even forced immigration, i.e. slavery, was a migration. And every group faced challenges when they arrived, and every group made us more diverse, brought greater strength to the nation, and has made us who we are. Immigrants bring economic health to our country, from the labor force that works the less desirable jobs (the farm fields, construction, restaurants, packing houses, maids, et al) to the cream of the intelligent tech workers and students from diverse countries. They pay taxes (and Social Security that most will never see again), buy groceries, rent homes, buy cars, send their children to school, etc. And by being a willing labor source, they allow entrepreneurs with new business ideas to create new jobs and hire workers. Remember, its hard to be a boss if you can’t find any workers.

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Woman who died in accident identified

PASO ROBLES — Kettleman City resident Iriana Pina, 22, died in a vehicle accident Monday, April 30 on Highway 41 an olive farm near Cholame. Pina was a civil engineering student at Cal Poly and was on her way back to school after visiting her hometown, according to Officer Patrick Seebart of the California Highway Patrol. The collision involved Pina’s 2007 Ford Mustang and a semi truck and left both vehicles in flames.

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Paso Robles police honor the night watchman

PASO ROBLES — On Sunday, May 6, Paso Robles Police Department engaged in a time-honored tradition of donning their mourning bands — those little black bands on their badges — to remember night watchman, David Nathan Morehouse. Morehouse was the department’s only officer to the die in the line of duty on May 6, 1919. Morehouse was born on Aug. 4, 1860, and was appointed on Dec. 17, 1918, to the Paso Robles Police Department. His end of watch was marked on May 7, 1919, though he passed away on May 6 in the line of duty.

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Teddy Bears bring comfort to children

SAN LUIS OBISPO — On Wednesday, May 9 at 2 p.m., the Women’s Honor Farm Sewing Program in collaboration with the San Luis Coastal Adult School presented 39 handcrafted teddy bears made by the inmates to representatives of the Get on the Bus Program. Mary Thielscher, Regional Coordinator of the Central Coast Get on the Bus Program, along with other Get on the Bus representatives accepted the teddy bears.

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Man crashes on HWY. 101

PASO ROBLES — Antioch resident Goerge Jones, 49, was injured in a single-vehicle accident north of Paso Robles on the morning of Monday, May 7. Jones was driving his 1995 Lexus LS400 southbound in the No. 1 lane of Highway 101 just south of Wellsona Rd., traveling at 75 miles per hour when he came upon slower traffic and had to veer to the right to avoid a collision. He then lost control of the vehicle and went off the right shoulder after striking a raised asphalt curb.

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New Behavioral Health unit set for jail

SAN LUIS OBISPO — Sheriff Parkinson and the Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation (SAF) announced on April 25, that plans are moving forward for a new Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) at the San Luis Obispo County Jail. The BHU will provide behavioral therapy services and housing for inmates suffering from mental illness. Sheriff Parkinson met with the SAF to discuss the idea of private funding for the BHU. Parkinson has stated numerous times that this is an issue that affects the community as a whole, so it is natural to make this a community-funded facility. The SAF is in support of the project and has identified it as one of their major projects.

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