William John Carlyle Jr was born in Illinois in 1941. This handsome rascal passed into the next plane of existence on February 15, 2022, of natural causes. He lived a full, productive “off-the-grid” life with his beloved dog Maygee (AKA Mejii) on his Santa Margarita homestead. He immensely appreciated nature, his privacy, & solitude.

Described as being “a real character, a fiercely independent wildcat, skilled machinist, small aircraft pilot, author, a lifelong collector of machines and equipment, free thinker, eccentric, cantankerous, determined, hard-working, creative, and adventurous.” He could skillfully repair anything and was not afraid to tackle any job (in spite of difficulties encountered with aging and a recent snake bite … thus his nickname “Rattlesnake Bill”). He had strong convictions and stood by his beliefs. He valued honesty and sincerity.  

William knew the value of baling wire and duct tape and enjoyed throwing curveballs. He was not afraid to confront issues or challenge rules and regulations. 

He is survived by two daughters, five grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, five siblings, and five nieces and nephews from AZ, TX, CA, LA, HI & ID.

Throughout his life, William was challenged by the complexity of relationships. He had difficulty expressing emotions or acknowledging misjudgments or mistakes. On his behalf, apologies are humbly offered.  -his sister Peggy