The fight between two men occurred late Sunday afternoon

PASO ROBLES — Paso Robles Police Department responded to a fight between two men in the Paso Robles City Park on Sunday, June 5. 

According to the department’s public information officer (PIO), two homeless men began arguing in the park late afternoon on Sunday. Omar Quintero (24) approached the victim, whose name has not been disclosed, and brandished a box cutter, threatening him. 

The victim ran away with Quintero chasing him around a tree several times until officers arrived, taking down Quintero at gunpoint. 


According to the report taken at the scene, Quintero may have been experiencing a mental health crisis.

He claimed the victim pointed a “bow and arrow” at his head, which ended up being an inaccurate claim. The victim did have a homemade fishing pole consisting of a stick and a string in his backpack but never took it out. Quintero was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon and transported to County Jail.