SAN MIGUEL — On Oct. 12, an assault with a deadly weapon occurred in the parking lot of a Dollar General store located at 972 K Street in San Miguel. The victim, identified as 32-year-old Nicholas Bundren from Atascadero, was assaulted by a female suspect wielding a baseball bat. The attack involved strikes to the midsection and the side of the head.

Sheriff’s Deputies promptly responded to the incident and initiated an investigation. As a result, 31-year-old Janine Laurice Cesena, a resident of Paso Robles, was arrested in connection with the assault.

The San Miguel Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the case and is seeking information from any witnesses who were present at the store around 9:50 p.m. on Oct. 12. If you have any information related to this incident, please contact the Detective Division at (805) 781-4500.


The investigation is ongoing, and more details may emerge as it progresses.