Triggs was appointed by Trustees with a 4-2 vote

PASO ROBLES – The PRJUSD Board of Trustees met for most of the day Tuesday, Dec. 7 to interview and then select a replacement to serve the balance of the term of Jim Reed, who recently resigned to move out of state. A total of eleven applicants including Tom B. Baker, Jim Cogan, Kenneth Enney, Seth Fidalgo, Adelita Hiteshew, Kim Lachance, Cristina Mathers, Claire McClure, Rex Thornhill, W. Frank Triggs, and Caitlin Vierra completed the required paperwork and met all qualifications for consideration.

The eleven were separated into two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with panel interviews by the current Board members who had selected a total of twelve questions the applicants were given in advance to be prepared to answer. Following a brief introductory statement by each applicant, they were asked in rotating order to answer six of the twelve questions, asked by each of the six board members. Questions included recent board decisions, potential school closure, enforcement of masks and potential vaccine mandate for schools, and district finances. Applicants were then offered the opportunity to make a brief concluding statement summarizing their reasons for applying.

Public comment was taken in person, online, and via phone. Interpretation services were available. When deliberations began, each Board member identified their top one or two candidates for continuing consideration, which informally narrowed the field to a final four. After one motion failed for lack of majority, Mr. W. Frank Triggs was provisionally appointed as Trustee with a vote of 4-2. Mr. Triggs appointment is for one year. The seat vacated by Mr. Reed will then be available for an additional two years in the November 2022 election.


The District thanks all applicants who took the time to complete the application and participate in a process designed to assure its fairness. Voluntary public service is much needed, particularly during these most challenging of times, and we all sincerely thank all applicants. The final decision was very difficult as evidenced by the votes and all involved stated the obvious, which is that we had many fully-qualified applicants, all of whom clearly sought solely to serve the students and community and any of whom would have been quality picks.

Frank Triggs was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Early in life, his family moved to California where he became a grateful beneficiary of a California public education. He followed his public school by graduating from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA. Frank is married with three adult children and ten grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. His work experience ranges from blue-collar to leadership and administrative roles. His experience with the management of non-profit and for-profit businesses includes over 50 years as an ordained minister. He has taught church business management and served as the Business Manager for a large church and school. Frank is a 15-year resident of Paso Robles and he looks forward to bringing his management and financial skills and experience with people to challenges we face. He brings his passion, integrity, quality education, and faith in the future to the table.

Frank is a believer in the District’s guiding principles and intends to be an encourager of a team that is preparing students for successful careers, to become active community members as well as become ready for the challenges of advanced education.