A partnership between Randall Thomas and Ernest and Grace Hall, owners of Dubs Green Garden, opened Thomas Hall CBD, in March, and will host a grand opening on Saturday, April 20.
The storefront at 1401 Park St. #2 in Paso Robles is clean and bright, which Grace said is part of the company brand for a product they look to provide to people for a variety of ails.
“There is a great need for CBD [Cannabidiol] products for people,” Grace said, “but many CBD products are available in areas where information and background are not presented in a professional way. We wanted to have a nice venue for people to come to.”
Cannabinoids — CBD1 & CBD2 — exist naturally in the body, and taking CBD helps replenish, restore and maintain a regular constant flow of CBD traveling through your mind and body on a schedule.
CBD is promoted as a remedy for a dozen issues, from “arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia, cancer, autism,” Thomas said.
The television in the storefront runs a feed of informational videos about the science behind CBD, and sources from YouTube and other video feeds full of information about the growing industry.
“There are many types of delivery,” Director of Operations and Marketing Abdul Ford said, “from tincture, edibles, topicals, vaporizors, and water.”
Products for pets, are touted to help with separation anxiety, fear of fireworks and thunder, and arthritis.
The industry is still getting on its feet, and Thomas Hall CBD is open to educate those interested in knowing more about CBD.
“It’s a good alternative if you are looking for a natural alternative,” Grace said.