The Wellness Kitchen, 1255 Las Tablas Road in Templeton, has been helping people treat illness through food. The nonprofit not only provided therapeutic foods, but also provides education for prevention and continued wellness.
Since its beginning, the nonprofit has grown. The most recent growth has been founder and executive director Nancy Walker stepping aside so she could focus on education.
The change has a been couple of years coming, Walker said.
“I kept thinking, ‘this needs to go to the next step,’” she said. “I knew my skills were not in the fundraising and getting us in the public eye. I’d rather be in the kitchen.”
Gena Grieb began as the nonprofit’s executive director on May 28, Memorial Day.
“I’ve always enjoyed working for nonprofits because [I want] to make a difference,” Grieb said.
Once Grieb has been fully transitioned to executive director, the kitchen is where Walker will be. Her new title is founder, visionary and therapeutic chef.
“Knowing I need to step aside, I wanted to bring in someone strong and a strong board,” Walker said.
While Grieb is getting settled in and jumping into fundraising and marketing the nonprofit that many people have not heard about.
“It’s not difficult for me [to promote the Wellness Kitchen] because I emphasize the importance of what we do,” Grieb said. “This is how we’re making a difference in [people’s] lives.”
Walker is a trained chef, having attended The Arts Institute of Phoenix and then Bauman College, which focuses on teaching holistic nutrition and culinary arts. At Bauman College, Walker learned how to cook with love and healing intention and how important sunshine, water and dirt are to the food people eat.
The Wellness Kitchen already offers a wide range of education, and Walker wants to continue to expand and is already working on a diabetes educational program with half-hour instructional lessons and the rest of the time will focus on hands-on learning. Those in attendance will go home with prepared meals.
For more information about the Wellness Kitchen, to volunteer or donate, go to or call 805-434-1800.  The Wellness Kitchen is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and until 6 p.m. on Wednesday.