Happy New Year & Healthy New You!

The Natural Alternative would like to wish you a healthy, happy New Year! With the holidays behind us (as well as pecan pie and eggnog) we have many customers coming in, looking for tools for an effective but healthy and sustainable weight loss. What can you do to “jump start” your body into health and wellness (and weight loss) for the New Year?
To jump-start your healthy lifestyle, The Natural Alternative has a great selection of cleanses that will get you started. Enzymatic Therapy’s Whole Body Cleanse is an easy and gentle 10-day cleanse with probiotics, herbs and fiber that will help eliminate toxins, restore regularity, support digestion and even help you shed a few pounds!
Another great weight loss tool is Raw Organic Fit, a high-protein shake mix that contains svetol, a fat burning coffee bean extract, organic ashwagandha, fiber to fight cravings and satisfy hunger and a complete organic protein to build muscle. It’s easy to digest, tastes yummy and contains three billion briobiotics and 13 enzymes to assist digestion. Raw Organic Fit comes in unflavored, vanilla, chocolate and coffee flavors!
If you prefer a supplement to improve sluggish metabolism, try Metabolism Weight Control. This popular formula contains chromium, green tea, apple cider vinegar, green coffee bean and cocoa bean — a powerhouse of ingredients that enhance metabolic activity, curb appetite, promote fat burning, improve mood and increase energy!
If you’re seeking a more structured detox and weight loss program, ask about our 10, 21 and 28-day detox programs. They have a proven track record for weight loss, improved mental clarity, deeper sleep, clearer skin and better energy! These programs receive rave reviews and are truly the best way to jump start your healthy lifestyle. Call or visit us for more info!

A happy, healthy New Year to our treasured customers!
Bobbi Conner, CNC, ACN, MH