‘Pint-Sized Barber Shop’ joins salon family

While the citizens of Templeton and other neighboring cities line the streets to celebrate Independence Day, Luann Arneson will also be celebrating but for other reasons. This year, Fourth of July marks 22 years since Arneson single-handedly opened the doors of Templeton Beauty Salon in the historical little town.

Arneson, at the time a new mother to a beautiful 8-month-old daughter, wanted to instill her salon with a unique, almost spiritual idea of beauty and self care.

The Templeton Beauty Salon was the first Aveda concept salon in the North County and only uses and sells Aveda products, a brand dedicated to environmentally friendly principles. All Aveda ingredients are organic and products are manufactured with sustainability as a top concern. 

“Aveda has the mission to care for the world and give back to not only society but the environment. I think that’s one of the things I love the most about Aveda. They have the best products available for not only hair but my body and mind as well” Arneson said.


Throughout the years Luann has been able to maintain the rustic roots and history of Templeton by continuing the legacy of the Templeton Salon that was in existence for 60 years prior to Arneson opening her doors. By embracing a new modern style, she was able to make the salon a place that people of all ages can appreciate while still honing in on that small town feel. Arneson has had many amazing and talented women work beside her over the years, some who have been with her since the early days of the salon and some who recently joined the family.

Pint Sized Picture

As of June 1, Templeton Beauty Salon is also the home of the new Pint-Sized Barbershop with barber Shannon Rees.

“I’ve wanted to have a barber for 10 years! I’m so glad Shannon came along!” Arneson said.

Although it is a small space, Rees makes up for it with quality haircuts and a friendly, homey atmosphere. The atmosphere centers around a vintage 1940’s barber chair that she and her fiancé drove all the way to San Diego to get just days before opening. 

“I’ve always loved Templeton,” Rees said. “I’ve always had a dream to open a barbershop on Main Street, and Luann helped me accomplish that. Now that I’m here it feels like home. It’s not just a shop, it’s not just a sign, it’s my passion and this is just the beginning.” 

At Pint-Sized Barbershop, Shannon offers haircuts, beard trims, straight-razor shaves, waxing, facials and more! If you are ever in Templeton, stop by and check out this new addition to Main Street and also congratulate Luann Arneson on 22 years!