We truly love this time of year at General Store. 
We get to share all of the things we’ve been working on since June (yes, we were taste-testing 
peppermint maltballs while it was 110 degrees 
outside!) We also get to help people put together gift baskets for everyone from clients to Thanksgiving hosts to neighbors and teachers.While we are a store, and of course want people to like what 
we sell, we also challenge ourselves to offer 
thoughtful and inspired goods to our customers.

Morning Glory, General Store, Paso Robles

Courtesy photo
Belia and Sue, the mother/daughter jam team behind Morning Glory Farms, makes Rose Wine Jelly and more delicious food options available at General Store in Downtown Paso Robles.

We prefer making gift baskets with you rather 
than offering a bunch of pre-made options. It’s fun 
for us to ask questions and guide our customers 
through our offerings. It might be less efficient 
than having rows of pre-filled baskets, but we like it this way better. (On a side note, we do lots of corporate gifts 
this time of year, whether it’s for just a few clients or a whole 
roster full. Just give us a call so we can set some time aside to 
meet with you.)
We’ve partnered with several familiar faces to create goodies for the holidays, so when you come in, be on the lookout for these just-for-General-Store items to turn up the local flavor this holiday!
• Oak & Mistletoe candles from Jeriel at Fable Soap Co.
• Classic or Mexican Cocoa, Cider and Mulling spices from Yes! Artisan Cocktail Co.
• Warm Cinnamon or Toasted Pumpkin bar soaps from Gardenesque
• Santa Maria Red or White spice blends from Le Z Ranch
• Our #spreadjoy General Store tea towels
And you cannot make a Thanksgiving gift basket without the pumpkin butter from Morning Glory Farms. Belia and Sue, the mother/daughter jam team that makes our Rose Wine Jelly and more, have been 
making treats from their own produce and fruit for years. It’s a family tradition – Sue grew up canning with her 
mom – and we are always excited to expand our offerings from 
Morning Glory at this time of year. Tart Cherry, Pomegranate, Apple Butter – all the flavors of Fall and Winter are deliciously captured in the little jars with the white lids.
We asked Sue a few questions, during her last delivery, about Morning Glory Farms and working with her mom.
What is something you’d want everyone to know about the jams and jellies you make for General Store?
Morning Glory Farms grows its fruits and vegetables without pesticides or chemicals. And it sounds like we’re always harvesting because we are!
What is the strangest/most unique jam you’ve ever made?
We make a jalapeño, oregano and red wine jelly that is delicious!
What’s the best way to use pumpkin butter?
It is great on toast, bagel, crackers, croissants, on ice cream. I have put in my coffee to make a pumpkin spice coffee with whipped cream.
Remember to come visit us on Small Business Saturday, right after Thanksgiving. Coffee and donuts are on us!
Grateful for you all and 
for this community,
The General Store Team